Top Hat Panorama

This is a panorama I made for Digital Photography this past semester. This was the project that inspired my hat project that I created for my final piece. It was shot with a digital camera and edited in Photoshop.


Pursuit Winter Camp Shirts 2010 & 2009

These are youth Winter Camp shirts I created for the Pursuit church. One thing that was specified by the youth group leader was that he wanted a shirt that the youth would want to keep wearing long after the camp was over.


Aggressive Paisley Snowboard

My sketch it at the top. I used the sketched lines in the final snowboard design. I played on the patterns of a paisley print. In this project, playing with color was something I tried to experiment with. I always thought that working for a company that centered on recreation would be great because the subject matter of the projects would always be interesting and fun to work with. Perhaps Burton or something...

Hats in Digital Photography

This semester has been so busy I haven't had a chance to update anything. So now that it's over I am going to try to make a point to update my blog everyday (or at least every week). This is a project I did this semester in Digital Photography. It was about how hats project meaning onto the wearer. It was a fun subject. Most of the hats are mine and some are my sisters. The photos were shot with a digital camera and edited in Photoshop.