Enjoy Boise Milk Shirt

This is a recent shirt design I came up with for Boise Milk. While I am not so sure I am so keen on taking established logos and mimicking them I think this one turned out kinda neat. Obviously playing on the Coca-Cola logo. The bottle cap has Boise Milk's logo on it. I have liked milk as a subject for many projects. I think it is a versatile muse even though so much has been done on the subject.

Steve and Samantha- Save the Date Cards

This is a Save the Date invitation that I recently made for (soon to be) Steve and Samantha Cinti. They wanted it to look like a sketch. Inspired by the work of Edward Gorey. Sketched out and then recreated in Illustrator. I am happy with the way it turned out. (and so are they).


Boise's Underground Produce

Here is a logo I came up with recently for a local co-op that is getting going in Boise. I originally had a cityscape in the background. Originally I had a little inspiration from Russian propaganda type posters. I wanted bold shapes and colors as well as more industrial san-serif fonts. Also fun side note I was the one who came up with the name "Underground Produce" for the company. I like the way it turned out.


Official Exergy Tour T-shirt Design Chosen

and it just so happens to be a design of mine! Lana Roth's design chosen for the 2012 Exergy Tour in Idaho! Look for it at the event at the end of this month! Check out the full article at Boise Weekly :)


Caricature Sketch/Painting

We were practicing caricatures in my Illustration class the semester I made these it was around the same time I combined Keith Richards with a lion. (my first blog post) The reason Keith Richards was combined with a lion was because of his hair. There is no association with bravery or leadership or something like that that lead me to choose a lion besides his hair. These I wanted to wait to post to my Blog. I really feel as though they turned out well and I don't mean much mockery with this: the combination of the person with a monkey. There were certain things as arbitrary as Keith Richards hair that lead me to chose a monkey. (plus then I got to draw my running banana)